Best way to increase traffic on your website

Traffic is the most requirement for any blog. if you don’t have enough traffic in your blog then you can’t generate enough money from your blog. Traffic is the most important part of your blog. at the present time lot of people enter the blogging field. they create their own blog, but they are not successfully running their blog for a long time. because their website doesn’t have enough traffic.

Website traffic is very important to run a successful blog and making money for a long time. but at present getting traffic to your blog website is quite difficult.
in this post, we share some legit methods of the best way to increase traffic on your website. that you can follow.

Write a Trending Article on your blog

if you want organic traffic in your blog or website, then you should post every day on a trending topic on your blog. because these keywords in trend and millions of people searched these queries in a limited time. then if you use a trending topic in your blog, then you can really get a massive amount of traffic.

Using Advertising

if you have no time for SEO or organic traffic, then this is the best way to get traffic to your blog, that is Advertising. you can use social media ads on popular social media platforms to get a huge amount of targeted traffic in your blog. you also use popular search engine ads like Google, Bing, etc.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

if you want to increase your website traffic then Use Long-Tail Keywords in your blog. because Long-Tail Keywords are less competitive and easily rank in the search engine. it also has keyword intent and user search long-tail keywords. I recommend for every new blogger use Long-Tail Keywords in your blog post. it will rank fast, which you can get organic traffic into your blog in much less time.

The Advantages of using Long Tail Keywords

  • It will help to get more traffic from search engines
  • Less competition.
  • Better conversion rates.
  • They rank well in search results.
  • you can use the following tools, For Long Tail Keywords:
  • there have some online tools, that you can use for choosing long-tail keywords.

Improve Your Site’s Loading Speed

at the present time Website speed is one of the ranking factors. because fast load site is easily rank on search engine result and user like to visit those sites which load fast. it helps users to find their queries in less time. fast loading websites get the first priority of google. so if your site load fast then you can get a big amount of traffic from google.

Guest Post on other top blogs

you can use Guest Post on a high DA PA Website to get traffic to your blog. Guest Post is a legit way to get traffic from another high-quality website.
in the case of a guest post, you need to write a unique article and post a high authority site that links with your site, and users of that website see your post and come to your site through this link. also you can use Guest Post section in your site. you can get high authority website traffic using this Guest Post method.

High-Quality Backlinks

A backlink is another ranking factor. Create High-Quality Backlinks to get more referral traffic to your website. not only traffic it also increases your site authority by increasing DA PA. which helps you to easily rank on google.

you can also buy High-Quality Backlinks according to your niche. many websites available in the market where you can buy high-quality backlinks for your website. you can easily rank and increase your website traffic using backlink in your website

Use images and video to your site

you can use attractive images or videos to make your post image attractive and well designed. Create attractive post features, create images related to your post, also you can embed related youtube videos on the website. it increases your user engagement, website impression and session duration.

Make Your Site Mobile optimize

maintain your site loading speed on desktop as well as mobile. make sure your site is well designed and mobile optimized. because most of the users using mobile for visiting your site. so if your site is well designed and mobile-friendly then you get hough amount of traffic from google.
you can use the free WordPress AMP plugin to optimize your site in a mobile device.

Use Social Share Button inside your post

You can generate a lot of traffic by using the social share button on your website. Use the social share button in every post that users can easily share your post on social media platforms. for which you can get more traffic from social media. if your post is more share on social media then you can get more social traffic in your blog. Use the social share button, also engage your website traffic.


Nowadays most of the blogger have the same query that how to get traffic on the website and this is a huge obstacle for any new blogger. in this post, we shared some tips about increasing traffic to blog posts. using the following method you can generate a lot of traffic for your website.
but it will take time for you have to keep patients and work consistently.

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