How to Create Backlinks for my website

When Google ranks a webpage, it uses hundreds of ranking factors, but backlinks are one of the most ranking signals in all.

If you want to rank on the first page of Google, then you need to create high-quality backlinks. But keep in mind one thing that low-quality backlinks is badly harmed your website’s traffic and ranking. In this article, I will tell you how to create High Quality Backlinks for websites.

What is Backlinks

Backlinks are the key metric for ranking any webpage. Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage. if a web page with a lot of backlinks that perform better in Google.

Here I am going to tell you some terms about the backlinks. which will help you to understand better about backlinks.

External Links – When you add a link to your post with another website post, it is called external linking.

Internal Links – When you add a link to a post with your other posts on your site, it is called internal linking.

Link Juice – When a web page links to your article or homepage, it passes the link juice. These link juices help in increasing your website ranking and Authority.

Do-Follow Links – When you link a webpage in your site, it is do-follow by default. These links pass the juice.

No-Follow Links – When a site link with a web page but sets a no-follow tag for it, it does not pass the link juice. No-follow tag is especially used for spammy or unrelated sites. These websites do not play any role in ranking.

High quality links – High quality backlinks come from quality websites. Quality websites are those which are popular and whose value remains high on google. also, the quality website has high DA PA, old site, trusted with huge traffic. If your website also gets backlinks from quality websites, then your website will get a high ranking in the search engine.

Low Quality Links – These links cause great damage to your site ranking and such links come from automated sites, any harvested sites, and spam sites.

Linking Root Domain – Indicates how many unique domains linking on your website. When a site links to a site 10 times, it will still be considered a linked root domain.

Anchor Text – These are clickable text in the form of hyperlinks. It provides relevant information to both the visitor and the search engine. Also, it improves your ranking.

Types of Backlinks

There are mainly two types of backlinks DoFollow and NoFollow.

NoFollow Backlink

The nofollow backlink does not pass the link juice from one website to another. There is no value in the NoFollow links in the search engine. NoFollow link does not work at all in ranking your site.

Apart from this, NoFollow backlinks prove to be beneficial for your blog to some extent, they give a natural look to your profile link. If all your link is DoFollow then it will look spammy to google.

Another advantage of this link is that if your site has a link to another site where some things you do not like or you find wrong, then you can add the NoFollow attribute with that link. Due to this the link of your website will not be able to go to that website. For example:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Link Text</a>

DoFollow Backlink

I have already told you about link juice, do-follow backlink helps in passing link juice, which gives way to go from one website to another, creates a link, it is called a do-follow link. . By default, all the links that you give on another website or blog post are all do-follow backlinks.

DoFollow links help a lot in increasing the ranking of your site in the search engine and it can prove to be very beneficial for your blog. There is no attribute in a DoFollow link.

<a href=””>Link Text</

How to Create Backlinks for my website

There have a lot of queries from every new blogger about how to create a backlink. It is very important to get a quality backlink for your blog which helps to increase the website visitors to your blog.

There is no limit to creating backlinks, you can create as many backlinks as you want, but you have to create all those links from a quality website or else why you may not create thousands of backlinks.

If they are not from the quality website then your blog will not have any benefit from it and Google may even penalize your blog going ahead.

Therefore, if you want to know that how to create backlinks for your blog, then follow the below instructions

Do Guest Blogging

Nowadays the popularity of guest blogging is increasing very fast in the blogging world. Guest blogging means that you have to submit your guest post in some popular blogs. Guest Blogging is a very good way to promote your blog in another popular blog so that the visitors of that blog will start knowing about your blog slowly and traffic will start coming in your blog.

With the help of guest blogging, you will get good backlinks.

Write Quality Content

This is the best way to get quality backlinks for your blog. Write the best quality content in your blog that your visitors like and they also get to learn something from your content. By writing good content, your website also comes on a good rank on the Google page as soon as possible and also increases the organic visitor.

Start commenting

Start commenting on other popular blogs related to the niche of your own blog, this gives NoFollow links for your blog, but it is beneficial to some extent. In whichever blog you comment, do not forget to give the url of your blog along with the comment, by doing this you will get good backlinks and along with that more visitors will start coming to your blog, which will also increase the rank of your site.

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